Supersix HiMod 1 With Fulcrum Wheels

This is not your father’s SuperSix! While the stock version of Cannondale Supersix HiMod 1 is a pretty amazing ride, this particular one has been upgraded to the Fulcrum

Hi-Mod Super Six

Racing Zero tubeless wheels. Combining the super light-weight Supersix with the tubeless fulcrums creates a bike that is hard to beat for both performance and comfort. With pedals, cages and the repair kit on the back, this bike weighs in at only 16.8 lbs, accelerates like a rocket and floats up hills like a feather in the wind. Without a doubt, the best to upgrade any bike is the right set of wheels!


Scott Foil F1 | Campy Record 11

Here is the Scott Foil F1 with Campy Record 11 drivetrain and Zipp 404 tubulars. This is Fabian’s latest creation for speed and has a weight of only 14.1 lbs as seen here! That’s

Fabian's Foil

pretty light but the best part is the super aero design which makes it not only light but very slippery as well. The Foil was released just this week and we were able to lay our hands on three of them but they are already gone. If you think you want one order now!

Moots Stem | Ti You’ll Die For

Moots Stem

Here’s another item I just really like. The Moots custom stem is a nicely made bit of jewlery ┬áthat helps make the Moots bikes just a little bit different.

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